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About the Navajo Nation Water Rights Commission (NNWRC)

The Navajo Nation Water Rights Commission (“Commission”) was established under the Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation Government. 2 N.N.C. §1551. The purpose of the Commission is “to ensure that the water rights of the Navajo Nation are vigorously pursued, effectively coordinated, and to enhance the communication between all entities engaged in water rights efforts on behalf of the Navajo Nation.” 2 N.N.C. §1552. The “Resources and Development Committee of the Navajo Nation Council” is the legislative oversight committee.

2 N.N.C. §1554. The Commission is required to operate pursuant to a Plan of Operation that is “recommended by the Resources Committee... and adopted by the Government Services Committee...” Id. The organization of the Commission “shall be set forth in the Plan of Operation. 2 N.N.C. §1553. The legislation in existence for the Commission does not discuss any type of meetings or public notice of meetings. The legislation directs the Commission to operate pursuant to its Plan of Operation.

The Commission is authorized under Navajo Nation law, to assess, approve and implement the Navajo Nation’s water rights claims to determine the feasibility and prioritization of such claims and devise an overall strategy for the Nation’s pursuit of such claims, pursuant Article 8, GSCAP-07-04.

The Commission is authorized to address water rights of the Navajo Nation in the State of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

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