Navajo Water Rights By Basin

Colorado River & LCR
Arizona & New Mexico

The Navajo Nation has water rights claims in the Little Colorado River (LCR) in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as in the Upper and Lower Colorado River Basins in Arizona.

Little Colorado River Arizona

Little Colorado River New Mexico

Mainstem Lower Colorado River Basin Arizona

Upper Basin Colorado River Arizona


Navajo Nation has claims in the San Juan River Basin in Utah and New Mexico. The Nation has made a lot of progress in solidifying their claims in both states.

San Juan River Basin Utah

San Juan River Basin New Mexico

New Mexico

The Nation also has claims in the Rio Grande Basin. The Basin includes three major subbasins which intersect with boundaries of Navajo Nation Chapters: Rio San Jose, Rio Puerco, and Rio Salado. 11 Navajo Chapters are part of the Rio Grande Basin

Rio Grande Basin New Mexico

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