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Joelynn Ashley

Chair, Western Agency Commmissioner


Joelynn M. Ashley is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation from Coppermine/Béésh haagééd, Arizona. I am born for Kiis’áaníí, Ta’neeszahnii (Bashichin), Bįįh bitoodnii (shicheii), Kiyaa’áanii (shináli) . She is a graduate of Northern Arizona University, earning multiple degrees in Bachelor of Science in Political Science, Graduate Certificate in Public Management, Masters in Public Administration, and Masters in Administration. Ms. Ashley is currently in pursuit of completing her PhD through the Department of Politics and International Affairs, Northern Arizona University. Ms. Ashley is the current Western Agency Commissioner, serving as Chair for the Navajo Nation Water Rights Commission, appointed by Madam Chief Justice JoAnne B. Jayne, Navajo Nation Judicial Branch.

In that capacity, as Chair for the Navajo Nation Water Rights Commission, it is her duty “to ensure that the water rights of the Navajo Nation are vigorously pursued, effectively coordinated, and to enhance the communication between all entities engaged in water rights efforts on behalf of the Navajo Nation.” (NNWRC Resolution No. GSCAPP-0704; CMY-47-02, NNWRC Fund; BFJY-38-05) Ms. Ashley has worked on Federal Indian Water Rights as a tribal consultant, scholar and instructor for the last 20 years, and in addition to working as former Navajo Nation Division Director Division of General Services, Adjunct Faculty at Northern Arizona University and continues to devote her time in Indian Country to establish, as a permanent homeland by protecting, enacting and developing a tribal sovereigns right to safe drinking water.

Western Agency (18)
  • Birdsprings/Tsidii To'ii
  • Bodaway-Gap
  • Cameron
  • Chilchinbeto
  • Coalmine Canyon
  • Coppermine
  • Dennehotso
  • Kaibeto/Kai' Bii To
  • Kayenta
  • LeChee
  • Leupp
  • Navajo Mountain
  • Oljato
  • Shonto
  • To' Nanees' Dizi'
  • Tolani Lake
  • Tonalea/Red Lake
  • Ts'ah Bii Kin/Inscription Hse




Earl Tulley

Vice Chair, Chinle Agency Commmisioner


Chinle (15)
  • Black Mesa-(Kits'iili)
  • Blue Gap-Tachee
  • Chinle
  • Forest Lake
  • Hardrock
  • Lukachukai
  • Many Farms
  • Nazlini
  • Pinon
  • Rough Rock/Tse Ch' Izhi
  • Round Rock
  • Tsaile-Wheatfields
  • Tselani-Cottonwood
  • Whippoorwill





Lani Tsinnajinnie

Eastern Agency Commmisioner


Lani Tsinnajinnie is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation from Na'Neelzhiin, NM. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Community and Regional Planning Department at the University of New Mexico where she focuses on watershed planning, mountain hydrology, and impacts of climate change in semiarid regions. She received her Ph.D. in Hydrology from New Mexico Tech in 2019 and has a Master of Water Resources degree from the University of New Mexico.

Western Agency (31)
  • Alamo
  • Baahaali (Breadsprings)
  • Baca-Prewitt
  • Becenti
  • Casamero Lake
  • Chichiltah
  • Churchrock
  • Counselor
  • Crownpoint
  • Huerfano
  • Iyanbito
  • Littlewater
  • Manuelito
  • Mariano Lake
  • Nageezi
  • Nahodishgish
  • Ojo Encino
  • Pinedale
  • Pueblo Pintado
  • Pinedale
  • Ramah
  • Red Rock/Tse' Lichii'
  • Rock Springs
  • Smith Lake
  • Standing Rock-Tse'Ii'Ahi'
  • Thoreau
  • To' Hajiilee
  • Torreon/Star Lake
  • Tsayatoh
  • Whitehorse Lake
  • Whiterock





Fort Defiance Agency Commmisioner


Fort Defiance (26)
  • Cornfields
  • Coyote Canyon
  • Crystal
  • Dilkon
  • Fort Defiance
  • Ganado
  • Greasewood Springs
  • Houck
  • Indian Wells
  • Jeddito
  • Kinlichee (Kin Dah Lichii)
  • Klagetoh
  • Lupton (Tse Si Ani)
  • Mexican Springs
  • Nahata Dziil Commission Governance
  • Naschitti
  • Oak Springs
  • Red Lake #18
  • Sawmill
  • St. Michael
  • Steamboat
  • Teesto
  • Tohatchi
  • Twin Lakes/Bahastl' ah'
  • Whitecone
  • Wide Ruins





Northern Agency Commmisioner


Northern (20)
  • Aneth
  • Beclabito
  • Cove
  • Gadii ahi/To' Koi
  • Mexican Water
  • Nenahnezad
  • Newcomb/Tiis Nideeshgish
  • Red Mesa
  • Red Valley
  • San Juan
  • Shiprock
  • T'iis Toh Sikaad
  • Teecnospos
  • Toadlena/TwoGreyHills
  • Tolikan
  • Toohaltsooi
  • Tse Alnaozt'ii
  • Tse'Daa Kaan
  • Upper Fruitland





Attorney General, Navajo Nation







Jason John

Director, Water Resources


Jason John, Department Manager III, Navajo Department of Water Resources. Mr. John began working for the Navajo Nation in 2001 as a Hydrologist. Prior to becoming the Department Manager in February 2019, Mr. John also worked for the Department as a Senior Hydrologist, Principal Hydrologist and Branch Director of the Department’s Water Management Branch. The Department’s Plan of Operation, approved through Council Resolution RDCO-79-16, includes providing stewardship to manage, provide comprehensive water planning, compile information on existing surface and groundwater resources, coordination of the development and utilization of the Navajo Nation’s waters to manage existing uses and to plan for future adequate water resources for domestic, industrial, agricultural, recreation, wildlife, aquatic life and other beneficial uses for maximum beneficial use to enhance the natural and human environment and exercise the sovereignty of the Navajo Nation over its waters.

In addition to working with Navajo Nation leadership, the Department interfaces with Navajo Nation programs and communities, state and federal agencies to promote water development through Public Law 93-638 Contracts and other agreements for planning, design and construction. Mr. John is also a board member of Animas La Plata (ALP) Operation Maintenance Replacement (OMR) Association since February 2012 and Navajo Nation trustee to the Ten Tribes Partnership and Colorado River Water Users Association.


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