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Thursday, September 28, 2023

San Juan River Utah

There is no pending litigation concerning the rights of the Navajo Nation to the San Juan River in Utah. The Nation and Utah have been engaged in settlement negotiations concerning all Navajo lands in Utah since 2003 and a proposed settlement agreement has been drafted. After multiple requests, a Federal Negotiation Team was finally appointed in early 2013, and further negotiations with the United States are ongoing. Any settlement of the Nation’s claims agreed to by the Nation, the State of Utah and the United States would need to be approved by the parties’ respective legislative bodies, and the State court would have to confirm the rights of the Nation in a decree entered in the general stream adjudication initiated by the State, In the Matter of the General Determination of Rights to the Use of Water Both Surface and Underground within the Drainage Area of the Colorado River in San Juan, Grand and Uintah Counties, Utah, and Exclusive to the Green River Drainage, Civ. No. 820704477, Grand County, Utah.

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