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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Rio San Jose New Mexico

RIO SAN JOSE ADJUDICATION. (State of New Mexico, ex rel. Eluid L. Martinez, State Engineer v. Kerr-McGee, et al., Nos. CB-83-190-CV and CB-83-220-CV, Thirteenth District, Cibola County, New Mexico).

This general stream adjudication was initiated in 1983, and a previously filed federal action to determine the rights of the Pueblos of Laguna and Acoma was dismissed. The Navajo statement of claims was filed in 1987. The Pueblos, the State of New Mexico, the United States and major water users in the Basin are engaged in settlement negotiations and the Nation monitors the settlement negotiations concerning the Pueblo claims to determine if a settlement of the Navajo Nation’s claims could be achieved as part of a Pueblo settlement. The United States is conducting the hydrographic survey of the Navajo Nation lands.

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